SmartCharge 8A DEFA 701785 12V battery charger (charger)

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SmartCharge 8A by DEFA battery charger for small and large vehicles

SmartCharge 8A

SmartCharge is an intelligent charger that makes charging your battery simple and safe. All you need to do is put the charger clamps on the battery clamps, connect the charger to a ~ 230V socket and press the ON button. The SmartCharge charger will automatically recognize the capacity of the battery being charged and select the charging parameters accordingly. Once the battery is fully charged, simply disconnect the SmartCharge.


  • Catalog nr 8A: 701785,,
  • Dimensions (WxSxG): 235x90x54 [mm],
  • Weight: 750g,
  • Protection factor: IP65.
Ładowarka (prostownik) SmartCharge 4A/6A/8A/10A by DEFA

Easy to use

  • One button operation.
  • Illuminated user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic adaptation to battery capacity (Ah).
  • Battery level display
  • It never overcharges the battery

SmartCharge 8A i 10A

The 8A and 10A versions of the DEFA charger are larger and more powerful chargers designed for faster charging of large batteries installed in vehicles as well as in boats. The rectifier has the "PowerSupply" function, which allows you to supply the installation with direct current up to the maximum rated current of the charger.

Most important features

Charging very discharged batteries - SmartCharge can cope with a 12V battery discharged even to 2V.

The voltage maintenance function (with a value of 13.6V) will allow you to maintain the voltage in the car's installation and maintain all settings of the electronic systems during the replacement of the battery.

To activate the PowerSupply function it is enough to hold the ON button for 5 seconds.

Possibility to charge all types of lead-acid batteries (e.g. gel, AGM).


Ładowarka (prostownik) SmartCharge 4A/6A/8A/10A by DEFA

Which SmartCharge charger do you need?

  • Battery versions / capacity:
    • SC 4A (701515) / 2-110Ah,
    • SC 6A (706060) / 10-150Ah,
    • SC 8A (701785) / 20-200Ah,
    • SC 10A (706161) / 30-250Ah.


Technical data:

  • Use: cars, motorcycles, scooters (snow), motorhomes, boats
  • Input voltage: 230VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Maximum charging power: 132W (8A)
  • Reverse current: <1mA
  • Output valtage: 14,4/14,7 [VDC]
  • Work temperature: -30°C ~ +40°C (8A)
  • Cooling: air/fanles
  • Battery types: lead-acid (gel, AGM, open/closed)
  • Battery capacity:  20-200Ah (8A)
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Protection class: cl II
  • Dimensions (lxhxd): 235x90x54 [mm]
  • Mass: 750g
  • Certificates: EN60335-1, EN60355-2-29, EN 61204-3, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-2
  • Catalog number: 701785 (8A)

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