Wentylator promieniowy SPAL 24V 006-b46-22

Wysyłka w: 24 H
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Producent: SPAL
Kod produktu: CC 006-b46-22


Centrifugal ventilator SPAL 24V (two-stream) 006-b46-22

The SPAL centrifugal fan is characterized by high quality, durability and reliability as well as 3 speeds. The supply voltage of the two-stream fan is 24V, the height of the housing is 167mm. The radial fan is also distinguished by its versatility, so it can be used in cabins and passenger compartments or in the cargo space of buses, buses, boats, campers, agricultural tractors and construction machinery..

Technical data:

  • Supply power: 24V,
  • Housing height: 167mm,
  • Maximum current consumption:  8,1A / 26V (24V),
  • Maximum air flow: 920m3/h, 
  • 3 working speeds,
  • SPAL code: 006-B46-22 ,
  • Manufacturer: SPAL (Italy)

Additional information: Tests of maximum efficiency and current consumption carried out with a supply voltage of 26V.

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